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2020 New Year Speech of Huijia Education Organization 


Dear students, parents and friends, 


Accompanied by bursts of snows, we will say goodbye to 2019 and usher in the brand New Year.


In the past year, Huijia has been adhering to the original education intention and has made more solid progress on the road of personalized education.


We pay more attention to observe and protect each child's uniqueness, and strive to build a broader stage, so that they can look into themselves, and find their own position as quickly as they can in this complicated world. 


There are countless exciting results to this effort, which is the team who dares to take responsibility for student’s growth, is student’s confidence on the stage, is the outstanding  graduation results. In this year's IBDP test, Huijia achieved a new high level, with a batch of students entering their dream world’s top universities. 


We know this is not enough. Throughout 2019, we have been thinking about how to foster students to adapt to the new era of rapid development.


This adaptation means abandoning the inherent habits of thoughts; It means mastering critical thinking, inquiring spirit, cooperation, communication skills and other important abilities; It means being brave and tolerant, embracing the unknown world with optimism.


These are the qualities Huijia hopes to give to its students. We have signed a contract with Microsoft to become its first flagship school in China, building a school of the future with the support of technology, developing and expanding new courses, designing new teaching models and structures... With the most cutting-edge technology, we will have more confidence to face the new future.


The future is approaching. The direction is set, and we will forge ahead. In 2020, we are full of confidence and expectations!


Finally, on behalf of Huijia Educational Organization, I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!


Chairman of Huijia Educational Organization


Wang Zhize


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