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西澳大学—戏剧课堂!Drama Class In UWA


The English learning process in Perth is diverse. Students believe the most special and challenging class is drama. Drama class can help students improve their pronunciation and intonation. It is a very good opportunity for students to practice their speaking skills. Students here are not only learning how to speak, but they are also learning how to express themselves by using body languages and facial expressions.



Students comments

The most valuable part of a class is students’ participation. This class did not only belong to the teacher. It belonged to everyone in the classroom. There was no endless uttering or boring atmosphere. All students were full of passion, devoting all their energy and enthusiasm into the class. From 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm, no one said that they want a break. As a part of the class, our genial teacher worked well with us. We were all trying our best to learn basic skills of drama from the teacher. Facing the teacher and other students, we were not shy at all. We showed who we really are here!

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